Stop guessing, start knowing

ParkBot tells you which car parks have spaces available before you leave home.

ParkBot will change the way you park

No more guessing which car parks have spaces. No more sitting in car park queues wondering if you'll ever get in. No more stress.

ParkBot provides you with live, current data of car park occupancy throughout UK cities.
At a glance, you'll be able to:

  • See which car parks have spaces and how full they are.
  • Quick-click navigation to take you straight there.
  • Information on how much they cost, opening times and more!

Free to use

ParkBot just enjoys helping you have a hassle-free parking experience, no fees ever.

Avoid stress

No need to wait in an unexpected queue or drive around hoping to find space, just check ParkBot!

Save yourself time

ParkBot lets you see which car parks have space before you even set out, no more guess work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Parking availability sign in Norwich ParkBot uses the same data as these signs.

Where does ParkBot get its data?

ParkBot uses the same council-provided data feed as the parking signs which are dotted around cities.

How accurate is ParkBot's data?

ParkBot's data is accurate to within five minutes: retrieving the latest batch of data seconds after the government feed updates. You can check the footer of the app to see when the last set of data was retrieved.

Is it free to use?

Yes. ParkBot is totally free for you to use, without any fees or charges. If you like using ParkBot and would like to help the creator out, consider buying me a coffee so I can continue to work on and improve the app!

Will ParkBot be available in other regions?

Yes - We are currently shipping ParkBot with just support for Norwich and Leeds, but are aiming to expand to other cities which have live carpark data we can use.

Do you have an API I can use?

The various council feeds are rather messy XML / SOAP endpoints, so we are currently working on opening up ParkBot's processed data into an easy-to-use API so everyone can create great applications using our live parking data!

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